Multifunctional Chlorine Granules – Quick dissolving chlorine with extra zap


Our best selling product is Stabilised Chlorine Granules, but one that is rapidly catching it up is Multi-5 Chlorine Granules (Multifunctional Chlorine Granules). Like Multifunctional tablets they will do an awful lot of the work necessary to keep your pool clean and clear.

They are simply rapid dissolving stabilised chlorine granules with extra ingredients;

  1. Chlorine – To quickly kill any bacteria or viruses that get into the water.
  2. Stabiliser – To stop sunlight breaking down the chlorine in the water.
  3. Algaecide – To help prevent algae growing in the water.
  4. Flocculant – To ensure your water is looking at its sparkling best!
  5. Alkalinity – To balance and adjust the pools pH.

Multi-5 Chlorine Granules have 5 powerful actions;

  1. Disinfecting – Like Stabilised Chlorine Granules, Multi-5 Chlorine Granules will dissolve rapidly so they will quickly boost the chlorine level in the pool water and kill anything growing in the water.
  2. Protecting chlorine from sunlight – The tablets also contain a stabiliser called Cyanuric Acid. This is particularly important for outdoor pools as the stabiliser will prevent the chlorine being broken down by sunlight.
  3. Buffering the acidity – The chlorine is provided by a chemical called Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate which is neutral so it does not increase the pH of the water. This is particularly useful in soft water areas. There is also extra alkalinity builder (sodium bicarbonate) which will stabilise the pH further in soft water.
  4. Preventing Algae – The copper sulphate in the tablet is a powerful long lasting algaecide which will help prevent algae.
  5. Clarifying – The last ingredient is a clarifier (aluminium sulphate) which makes particles of dirt stick together so they are filtered out more easily.

Dosing Rates

  • Pool (Regular Dose) – 100 grams increases the chlorine level by 1ppm in a 10,000 gallon pool. Either sprinkle the granules around the pool (you will see the blue particles of algaecide and white particles of clarifier on the bottom, as they are slower dissolving) OR mix up in a bucket of pool water and add to the skimmer.
  • Pool (Shock dose) – Use as above but add 500 grams per 10,000 gallons.
  • Hot Tub or Spa – 5 grams (a teaspoon) increases the chlorine level by 2.5ppm in a 1,000 litre spa. Add directly to the skimmer.

Multi-5 Chlorine Granules are slightly more expensive than the basic Stabilised Chlorine Granules, however when you take into account the multiple functions they provide, they offer a good value for money option for maintaining your pool.

Warning – Never use any product containing copper in a swimming pool or spa if you are using bromine. The combination of copper and bromine will cause unnatural blonde hair to go green which most people consider undesirable.


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